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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Nuffnang: Youth Credit Card Contest


For the first time I join the contest organized by Nuffnang which is Design The Next Youth Credit Card contest. I think why not I just try right? Plus, prizes offered are really amazing!! So, check it out! :D

By using skills, creativity, ideas I have and some inspiration around me finally I successfully create my own credit card design!! Yeayy!! *Clap-clap Here it goes.

*Click picture to enlarge

Tools used: Paint Tool SAI & Adobe Photoshop CS5

Before this when talk about credit card design, I will imagined an elegant design, fancy look design and classy. So, I want to give a different from others design that I usually see before. "Express Yourself" is the chosen theme in my design. By using doodling concept for designing credit card, I believe it will bring lots of fun and I can express it with my own way. As we know, youth nowadays should be more active, confident, independent and should be more creative to compete in rapidly growing surrounding. Actually, this design was an expression of myself right now where I feel I want to create something that I love to do. Without any barries! :D With tagline "More swipe more happy" it's doesn't means you need to swipe your credit card more just to get a happiness but it's bring lots of meaning. Do something that can bring a precious moment for you by using all facilities and opportunities given to you. Do it right! Don't lets every single minute you have filled with nothing. Filled it with your own way, with lots of fun and may brings good fortune, maybe? So, that's it. I don't know if what I'm babbling above is related with what exactly I should explain. =.=
But I hope what I want to convey to you are really conveyed. Hikss~ Till then! :)

Any comment or ideas are kindly welcomed. Thanks:D


  1. wah! menariknya! nak komen sikit je tentang kad tu. agak serabut sikit. kalau kurangkan sikit corak-corak tu okey kot. jgn marah je. :)
    semoga berjaya. good luck tau !!

    1. hehe tak marah..thanks sbb tau next time boleh improve..lagi pun bt last minute ini lah hasilnya..hihi:)

  2. abg misai tu tetap tak tinggal.. haha
    setuju dgn blogger di atas.. perlu dikurangkan lagi keserabutannye.. hehe

    ape2pun good luck ye.. :)

    1. hihi..tu lah aisya..tgk2 balik betul la nmpk serabut..haha xpela..dh try my best..pasal abg misai tu mmg tak boleh nk tinggal..favorite!hihuuu~ :P

  3. kite ni same la kak . suka benau dgr misai2 tu . kehkeh . all the best ya kak :D


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